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Morre o Rei do Blues, B. B. King aos 89 anos, campeao de premios Grammy
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Morreu o Rei do Blues, B. B. King nascido Riley Bem King, em Las Vegas (EUA). Aos 89 anos de idade o músico que ganhou 15 vezes o prêmio Emmy, sofria chá 20 anos de diabetes tipo 2. É inspirador dos maiores nomes do rock and roll e considerado o maior guitarrista de todos os tempos.

Riley Ben King, mais conhecido como B. B. King, nasceu em 16 de Setembro de 1925, em Itta Bena, Mississippi e morreu no dia 14 de maio de 2015, Las Vegas, NV) foi um guitarrista de Blues. O "B. B." do nome histórico significa Blues Boy, pseudônimo usado como moderador na rádio W. Foi considerado ao lado de Eric Clapton e Jimi Hendrix umn dos melhores guitarristas do mundo pela revista norte-americana Rolling Stone.

Começou por tocar, a troco de algumas moedas, na esquina da Igreja com a Second Street e chegou mesmo a tocar em quatro cidades diferentes aos sábados à noite. É reconhecido como o maior guitarrista de Blues da atualidade, onde é referido como o Rei do Blues. É bastante apreciado pelos solos, nos quais, ao contrário de muitos guitarristas, prefere usar poucas notas. Certa vez, B.B. King disse: "posso fazer uma nota valer por mil".


Discografia segundo a Vikipedia

B.B. King em 1990


Compactos simples

AnoNomeTabela musical
1949 "Miss Martha King" (Bullet)        
1949 "Got the Blues"        
1950 "Mistreated Woman" (RPM)        
"The Other Night Blues"        
"I Am"        
"My Baby's Gone"        
1951 "B. B. Blues"        
"She's a Mean Woman"        
"Three O'Clock Blues" #1      
1952 "Fine-Looking Woman"        
"Shake It Up and Go"        
"Someday, Somewhere"        
"You Didn't Want Me"        
"Story from My Heart and Soul" #9      
1953 "Woke Up this Morning with a Bellyache"        
"Please Love Me" #1      
"Neighborhood Affair"        
"Why Did You Leave Me"        
"Praying to the Lord"        
1954 "Love Me Baby"        
"Everything I Do Is Wrong"        
"When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer" #8      
"You Upset Me Baby" #1      
1955 "Sneaking Around" #14      
"Every Day I Have the Blues" #8      
"Lonely and Blue"        
"Shut Your Mouth"        
"Talkin the Blues"        
"What Can I Do (Just Sing the Blues)"        
"Ten Long Years" #9      
1956 "I m Cracking Up Over You"        
"Crying Won t Help You" #15      
"Did You Ever Love a Woman?"        
"Dark Is the Night, Pts. I & II"        
"Sweet Little Angel" #6      
"Bad Luck" #3      
"On My Word of Honor" #3      
1957 "Early in the Morning"        
"How Do I Love You"        
"I Want to Get Married" #14      
"Troubles, Troubles, Troubles" #13      
"(I m Gonna) Quit My Baby"        
"Be Careful with a Fool"   #95    
"The Keyblade to My Kingdom"        
1958 "Why Do Everything Happen to Me" (Kent)        
"Don t Look Now, But You Got the Blues"        
"Please Accept My Love" #9      
"You ve Been an Angel" #16      
"The Fool"        
1959 "A Lonely Lover s Plea"        
"Time to Say Goodbye"        
"Sugar Mama"        
1960 "Sweet Sixteen, Pt. I" #2      
"You Done Lost Your Good Thing"        
"Things Are Not the Same"        
"Bad Luck Soul"        
"Hold That Train"        
1961 "Someday Baby"        
"Peace of Mind" #7      
"Bad Case of Love"        
1962 "Lonely"        
"I m Gonna Sit Till You Give In" (ABC)        
"Down Now" (Kent)        
1963 "The Road I Travel"        
"The Letter"        
"Precious Lord"        
1964 "How Blue Can You Get" (ABC)   #97    
"You re Gonna Miss Me" (Kent)        
"Beautician Blues"        
"Help the Poor" (ABC)   #98    
"The Worst Thing in My Life" (Kent)        
"Rock Me Baby"   #34    
"The Hurt" (ABC)        
"Never Trust a Woman"   #90    
"Please Send Me Someone to Love"        
"Night Owl"        
1965 "I Need You"        
"All Over Again"        
"I d Rather Drink Muddy Water"        
"Blue Shadows" (Kent)        
"Just a Dream"        
"You re Still a Parallelogram" (ABC)        
"Broken Promise" (Kent)        
1966 "Eyesight to the Blind"        
"Five Long Years"        
"Ain't Nobody's Business"        
"Don t Answer the Door, Pt. I" (ABC) #2 #72    
"I Say in the Mood" (Kent) #45      
"Waitin for You" (ABC)        
1967 "Blues Stay Away" (Kent)        
"The Jungle"        
"Growing Old"        
1968 "Blues for Me"        
"I Don't Want You Cuttin Off Your Hair" (Bluesway)        
"Shoutin' the Blues" (Kent)        
"Paying the Cost to Be the Boss" (Bluesway) #10 #39    
"I m Gonna Do What They Do to Me" #26 #74    
"The B. B. Jones"   #98    
"You Put It on Me" #25 #82    
"The Woman I Love" #31 #94    
1969 "Get Myself Somebody"        
"I Want You So Bad"        
"Get Off My Back Woman" #32 #74    
"Why I Sing the Blues" #13 #61    
"Just a Little Love" #15 #76    
"I Want You So Bad" #34      
1970 "The Thrill Is Gone" #3 #15    
"So Excited" #14 #54    
"Hummingbird" #25 #48    
"Worried Life" #48      
"Ask Me No Questions" (ABC) #18 #40    
"Chains and Things" #6 #45    
1971 "Nobody Loves Me But My Mother"        
"Help the Poor" (regravação) #36 #90    
"Ghetto Woman" #18 #40    
"The Evil Child" #34 #97    
1972 "Sweet Sixteen" (regravação) #37 #93    
"I Got Some Help I Don't Need" #28 #92    
"Ain't Nobody Home" #28 #46    
"Guess Who" #21 #62    
1973 "To Know You Is to Love You" #12 #38    
1974 "I Like to Live the Love" #6 #28    
"Who Are You" #27 #78    
"Philadelphia" #19 #64    
1975 "My Song"        
"Friends" #34      
1976 "Let the Good Times Roll" #20      
1977 "Slow and Easy" #88      
1978 "Never Make a Move Too Soon" #19      
"I Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone" #90      
1979 "Better Not Look Down" #30      
1981 "There Must Be a Better World Somewhere" #91      
1985 "Into the Night" #15      
"Big Boss Man" #62      
1988 "When Love Comes to Town" (com U2)   #68 #2 #6
1992 "The Blues Come Over Me" #63      
"Since I Met You Baby"       #59
2000 "Riding with the King" (com Eric Clapton) #26      


  1. King of the Blues (1960)
  2. My Kind of Blues (1960)
  3. Live at the Regal (Live, 1965)
  4. Lucille (B.B. King álbum)|Lucille (1968)
  5. Live and Well (1969)
  6. Completely Well (1969)
  7. Indianola Mississippi Seeds (1970)
  8. B.B. King in London (1971)
  9. Live in Cook County Jail (1971)
  10. Live in Africa (1974)
  11. Lucille Talks Back (1975)
  12. Midnight Believer (1978)
  13. Live "Now Appearing" at Ole Miss (1980)
  14. There Must Be a Better World Somewhere (1981)
  15. Love Me Tender (B.B. King álbum)|Love Me Tender (1982)
  16. Why I Sing the Blues (1983)
  17. B.B. King and Sons Live (B.B. King álbum)|B.B. King and Sons Live (Live, 1990)
  18. Live at San Quentin (1991)
  19. Live at the Apollo (B.B. King álbum)|Live at the Apollo (Live, 1991)
  20. There is Always One More Time (1991)
  21. Deuces Wild (álbum)|Deuces Wild (1997)
  22. Riding with the King (B.B. King and Eric Clapton álbum)|Riding with the King (2000)
  23. Reflections (B.B. King álbum)|Reflections (2003)
  24. The Ultimate Collection (B.B. King álbum)|The Ultimate Collection (2005)
  25. 80 (album)|B.B. King & Friends: 80 (2005)
  26. One Kind Favor (2008)



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